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Dog Tips


SPRING TIP for Dogs:

Watch your dog for signs of seasonal allergies. Some dogs develop allergies to common seasonal plants, like ragweed. However, they unlike people, the allergies usually present as skin problems in dogs.

6 Steps to Keep Dogs Young

1. Stay Active. Dogs who stays active will generally stay healthier and fitter than a dog who sits around all day!
2. Play! This will actually help your dog stay young!! Playing is vital to any dog’s happiness.
3. Eat well. A healthy diet, with wholesome ingredients is the way to go for happy pets!
4. Embrace old age. Some of the most common injuries that inflict older dogs occur when they try to do things beyond their physical abilities.
5. Teach them new tricks. Guess what? You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and actually should!!
6. Visit your vet often. Regular check ups at the vet are a MUST no matter what your dog’s age, but as they
get a little older it is important to make sure you don’t fall behind on those vet visits.

Tilting a dog that may have something lodged in it’s throat?

The first option to try is to see if you can dislodge the object using gravity.

For a small dog: pick the dog up by his thighs, with his belly toward your face, while gently shaking him.

For a large dog: with the dog standing on all fours, pick up the dog's rear legs like you would a wheelbarrow, and tilt him forward.

If tilting the dog does not work to dislodge the object, move on to perform the Heimlich maneuver. If that doesn't work call your Vet ASAP.

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